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Bobcoin is a cryptocurrency created by Bob Eco

Bobcoin is fighting poverty and declared war against pollution through the world of Crypto.

What is Bobcoin?

Not just another coin.

Bobcoin is the first cryptonization of a for-profit social enterprise in the world. Each Bobcoin is backed by Assets.

Bobcoin fights polution.

Dedicated to supplying eco-friendly vehicles that are designed to be beneficial for our planet.

Bobcoin fights poverty.

Bobcoin offers people a chance to build a future. Bobcoin is helping people help themselves.

Bob Eco | Bobcoin partners

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ICO-WA (ICO with Assets): The next phase of financial market evolution.

Bob Eco launched its ICO-WA so everyone can join the revolution.

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Bobcoin initiated efforts to put pro-environment and equal opportunity objectives into the heart of Crypto.

Our mission has always been to contribute towards eradicating poverty in developing countries. We do this by using our platform to finance two-wheeler enterprises that provide jobs and ultimately improve the socio-economic status of people in these countries.

A “for-profit social enterprise” bakes social impact mission directly into its business model. Doing good is the core of the business, not just something that happens along the way. For a social enterprise, growth is a means to greater impact. Yes, Bob Eco | Bobcoin is a for-profit social enterprise.

Air pollution is a silent killer that takes the lives of some 7 million people every year through heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and other respiratory ailments. According to the World Health Organization’s World Ambient Air Quality Database, nine out of 10 people on Earth breathe polluted air, with populations in low-income cities impacted the most. Much of that pollution comes from the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles. Electric motorcycles are a key component in air pollution reduction strategies, particularly in cities where the cost of electric cars is unattainable for most people.

Bob Eco | Bobcoin is a for-profit social enterprise, but we spend our profits wisely. We spend it on serving people in need.

Tonight, one in eight people (of which many are aged under 12) around the world will go to bed hungry. For these children, we have organized two continuous projects to support their basic nutrition. We do this by planting trees and rearing animals to produce food for the local children.

Road safety for Children - Bob Eco | Bobcoin teaches children road safety with learning games and adorable comics and is building sustainable programs to support health and education.

Providing access to water - Bob Eco | Bobcoin supports local communities by contributing money to build new water sources and fund the upkeep of existing water sources. Water sources are managed together with local village leaders and representatives to ensure that the right places are chosen to build the new sources.

Sport and education on schools - Bob Eco | Bobcoin supports schools with scholarships and sports equipment, taking care of many children every day. Access to education improves the economic outcomes of citizens and determines the prospects of future generations. Investing in children's education transforms communities, countries, and the entire world.

Providing Shelter - Bob Eco | Bobcoin provides shelter solutions for those in emerging markets. Acceptance of the universal right to "adequate housing" (a place to live in peace and dignity) has proved to be a powerful catalyst for economic and social development.

ICOWAs Now Exist in Crypto. An ICOWA, or “ICO with assets”, can be thought of as a hybrid between an ICO and an STO. As with STOs, security tokens are sold to early investors. But, like an ICO, security tokens will be publicly tradable by retail investors (once unlocked). Further, instead of unlocking early investors’ tokens all at once, tokens will be released in minimal stages, protecting the price.

Bobcoin is built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Bobcoin is available in ERC20 and BEP20.

Bob Ultee is the CEO of Bob Eco. Bob Ultee is the author and creator of the Bob Eco Programme, the Bob Community, Bob entrepreneurial courses for independent Bob taxi Businesses and Bobcoin. Bob is a multi-disciplinary professional investor and businessman. He was also a Finalist of the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year Election" and the first entrepreneur who made a reverse listing (SPAC) on the Dutch Stock Exchange.

Energy and philanthropy are only two of Bob Ultee’s focuses; his interest in renewable energy is why he co-created Bob Eco. He sought to create an electric motorcycle for the people and has revolutionized the idea of electric two and three-wheelers.

The Bobcoin Face entails a picture of CEO and Co-founder Bob Ultee himself smiling. There are thick lines used to define his facial features. Bob Ultee is a Dutch entrepreneur and philanthropist