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Company expansion planning and Crypto development plans.

  • In Q2 of 2017, Bob Eco started when the founders began providing small loans to individuals across emerging markets.

  • Bob Ultee revealed Bob Eco’s Master Plan, clarifying Bob Eco’s mission — to speed up the adoption of an “electric economy.”

  • Bob Eco began regular production of the electric model, EAX-100. This was a milestone for Bob Eco and a watershed for the new era of electric vehicles.

  • Bob Eco launched the BobCoin through a security token offering (STO) on the secondary market (STO-Cap). Investors took a 25% stake in Bob Eco for tens of millions of USD.

  • Bob Eco received full support from UNITAR—the United Nations Institute for Training and Research—to develop and promote many of its goals.

  • Bob Eco signed a 200-million-dollar deal with Jincheng Suzuki for annual volumes reaching 200,000.

  • Bob Eco unveiled Model X—the ultimate strategic motorcycle, which was developed by Bob Eco and Jincheng Suzuki for the African continent.

  • Bob Eco opened in Dakar, Senegal, and partnered with the insurance giants AMSA, PWAS, and Orange Telecom.

  • Bob Eco unveiled the Model TT, Model V, and Model 3.

  • Bob Eco expanded to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo, with sales and distribution offices offering services to more than 100 million people.

  • Bob Eco introduced battery- swapping, accelerating the transition to a smarter, cleaner, portable electric fuel for Bob riders in African cities.

  • Bob Eco unveiled Model B and expanded into Europe, with Bob scooters available to use in a pay-as-you-go system.

  • Bob Eco introduced a game-changing Visa and MasterCard, thereby providing a global payment solution with several available payment options.

  • Bob Ultee decided that Bob Eco should go public by offering the crypto token Bobcoin on the primary crypto market.

  • In the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium announced the listing of Bobcoin.

  • $BOBC/USDT pair will be tradable at Bitmart

  • $BOBC/USDT pair will be tradable at Decoin

BEP20 holders
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BEP-20 Transactions
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