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Bobcoin is a cryptocurrency created by Bob Eco


Bobcoin initiated efforts to put pro-environment and equal opportunity objectives into the heart of Crypto.

Bob Eco launched an Asset-Linked-and-Bound publicly tradable crypto, Bobcoin (BOBC), allowing crypto enthusiasts to join the leading green revolution and create a future for people in need.

The innovative model of the Bobcoin program combines the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility and freedom of blockchain-based decentralized assets with real-world business.

Bob Eco, creator of Bobcoin – Bob Eco is an electric vehicle and clean energy company.

Bob Eco’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy while focusing on emerging markets, which begins with the motorcycle taxi market in Africa. Emerging markets are experiencing extraordinary economic growth; on the African continent alone, the motorcycle industry has grown into a 600-billion-dollar market.

Bob Eco developed electric vehicles that Bob offers on a lease-to-own basis and established partnerships with African governments, and has involved the United Nations Institute for Training and Research to promote these electric vehicles to the masses.

Bobcoin and ICO-WA – Funds gained through the ICO-WA (Initial Coin Offering with Assets) will be used for asset purchases linked to Bobcoin. To make this system completely transparent, Bob Eco is integrating blockchain technology into its asset management systems to show the assets linked to Bobcoin. 


Bobcoin’s underlying technologies’ real value is their role in security, transparency, and permanence; each aspect is essential to crypto market efficiency, stability, trust, confidence, safety, and soundness. The setting enhances the regulatory objectives of fairness, and market integrity and supports innovation and efficiency through automation and smart contracts.

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